Sep. 8th, 2010 07:27 pm
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I'm sad. Truly and really, I am.


Right. Anyway. So I picked up the FF13 CGI/in-game cut scenes, Japanese version. Completed. There's subs as well, and they shouldn't be difficult to find.

Nevermind that my memory on the English version of the game is semi-vague, I do at least remember enough to be able to tell that there's some big differences between both. Dialogue-wise, personalities-wise, and relationships-wise.

Vanille is less irritating in jap version. Snow is...not that much of a brash idiot. Sazh has a certain wisecrack joke that is entirely non-existent in the English version, and that's..dfgkfgd. Hope is not as annoying as well (when applicable). Fang... Faaaaang.... well, Fang lost that slang. And Serah's...mrgh.

But mostly. Most importantly.

They butchered Lightning's character. I can, however, see that people - if they watched/played both versions - will pick one side or the other depending on what they favor. Not that it matters much in the fandom. In the fandom, or 80% of it, Lightning is just a subtler version of female Squall.

I'm not even going to go into the dialogues they changed in entirety. Stuff they had no actual or good reason to change.

I am disillusioned. And sorry, pastry or no, I think I'm set on Éclair for certain now. It is beyond me how they can change details of characters so much when the scenes are almost essentially the same. I can, however, tell you that the jap ver flows a lot better compared to the eng, where...things just felt a little off every now and then.

And Diana sucks because she's happy I'm as disgruntled as her about it now.

Fandom to be potentially abandoned. So totally disillusioned and sad right now. SAD.

Edit: As a side note, on the LJ Fiasco, click here.
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