Feb. 8th, 2010

extrinsical: (StrikeThrough)

There is a fic in the MGLN fandom that completely disgusts me. Parody or no, it's just disgusting. But, then again, parody and I never mixed. If you could tell what I'm referring to, I'm sorry for you, too. Otherwise, may the curiosity not get the better of you, because I'm not linking or pointing fingers.

A foretelling of what will become of the fandom?

If already.


1. alternative name: Aki.
2. formerly known as Eagle8819.

loner, amateur writer, reading, anime, manga, solitude, bad speaker, confident, sarcastic, arrogant, cold, perceptive, reserved, quiet, tactless, dense, sharp, direct, frank, lazy, uninspired, defiant, stubborn, proud, cocky, adaptable, ironic, obsessed with self-autonomy or independence, gets annoyed by condescension, daydreamer, logical, morbid humor, weird, serious, paradoxical.

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