Sep. 3rd, 2010

extrinsical: (facepalm)


No. Just, no.

If this site is turning into Facebook/Twitter The Second, I'm out of here. Probably will clean out this account, since I'm still in communities, but I wouldn't be doing anything else.

I don't quite care if LJ will claim their privacy is good, or that they won't connect you without permission, or how they will allow us to enable/disable this feature - because, for god's sake, this is facebook. And we all know how facebook sucks at it, especially with all the scandal about how they don't let you delete account, keeps your information, and everything.

tl;dr: this feature, recycle bin, empty bin. Now. In the meanwhile, I'm creating a new dreamwidth account. As in now. I can give FFnet plenty of chances, because the problems are vastly different, but LJ, RL; separate. The lot of you in my friends list better not have connected your facebook accounts to your LJ. BECAUSE ONCE YOU HAVE, FACEBOOK WON'T DELETE IT. (Probably? More like VERY LIKELY.) I know some of you to be really private people, so I know you share my concerns. Do not crosspost anything to fb/twit. You'd be annoyed if I do that, and it's vice versa.


1. alternative name: Aki.
2. formerly known as Eagle8819.

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