Sep. 1st, 2010 06:35 am
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Where coffee is concerned.

I've been spoiled. I usually buy coffee from cafes, and now...instant coffee just makes me grimace when I drink it. Ughhh.

On a fic.

FFXIII, in particular.

I wrote this in between doing an assignment, damned scenes wouldn't get out of my mind until I wrote it out. But they are pretty short, so my assignment is safe. I just finished and submitted my assignment actually. At 5.57am. :D And I'm still fairly awake because of the coffee.

But, here.

bits and pieces.

Quite possibly the only fandom where I don't really feel like putting a pairing in. Or I tried, rather...and found out I couldn't quite do it. Oh well. Unbeta-ed because it's just too short to bother Raerae, and I'm too lazy. Possibly weird and odd phrasing. But I blame assignment as distraction.

As for FFXIII fic recs...here. If there are fics that you think should go in there, do tell me.

Damn. I think I'm on caffeine high. >_>
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On fic recs and whatnot...this is from the most unlikely fandom I thought I'd step in.

Gundam Seed/GS Destiny. Lulz. I don't think any of you from my friends list even like GS or stepped into the fandom. Unless if I've forgotten.

But oh well.

Two fics. Both with somewhat cliche title, but...both great fictions. With, also, Athrun/Cagalli as the main pairing. A plus is that they are both completed. Another plus is that I like the characterizations and interactions. Most Some other fics I saw on ffnet...oh, woe be me.

Being Athrun Zala by pratz.

This guy hit Athrun's characterization with bull's eye. It also shows what a more matured Cagalli looks like. Yes, I like how Cagalli's portrayed here. I would have liked more insights into her thoughts though. Despite some early plot holes and questionable premise...well. I'd have to say, it's probably one of the best among the odd 1500 fics tagged with Athrun and Cagalli at ffnet.

Eternal Destiny by Andrea Readwolf.

I immensely dislike mediaminer. But I read it on mediaminer anyway. Cause she (he?) separated chapters by scenes in her LJ, and eh...over 80 scenes to click on LJ compared to 9 chapters on mediaminer? Regardless, it was a good enough fic that I didn't mind suffering mediaminer. One thing I would like to see is a continuation, but...meh, oh well. Well-plotted, well-played. I spent a good part of tonight reading it, actually, and it's now just over 5am. I wouldn't mind seeing this as a sequel to GSD. The author took great lengths to secure a strong foundation for the story. I'm also rather tempted to copy and save the whole story to somewhere in my hard disk very soon for personal collection.

Sidenote for GSD: If you've watched GSD, and maybe the Final Plus ep, but have not touched the movies, this ending may interest you. It makes the two major pairings suspiciously all the more canon and set in stone. The first much more obvious than the other. The latter is still rather annoyingly vague, but...it implies something different compared to the original GSD ending.

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If I haven't recommended this one, I'm doing it now. Delivery is good, author kept it really...brittania-ish, and. Yeah. Delivery is definitely the prime of this fic.

A certain chapter, in particular...is well worth remembering and priceless for reasons I will not divulge. *snort*

Code Geass: Lelouch of Brittania

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This fic, I love.

Also my first and possibly only Harry Potter fic recommendation.

Let it be said that Ron/Hermione or Harry/Ginny does not interest me.

Let it also be said that while my interest in HP was good those years ago, it was hearing about the pairings above becoming canon that made me lose interest.

Vaguely remember skimming the last two (three?) books while at a friend's place. Didn't read.

Heart Shaped World.


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