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Fandom: Fate/Stay Night.
Game-verse, post Fate-route. Warning for game spoilers, Shirou/Rin, et cetera.
Theme song: The Greatest Treasure, by Girls Dead Monster. (Angel Beats!)
Fiction cross-linked to ffnet. (FFnet, U SUK. Link's not working at the moment. May or may not resolve itself later, but, I'll update this part later if necessary.)(Edit 2: Link's working again.)

The way she said that, the way she said 'oh' and his name, made him freeze. )


1. alternative name: Aki.
2. formerly known as Eagle8819.

loner, amateur writer, reading, anime, manga, solitude, bad speaker, confident, sarcastic, arrogant, cold, perceptive, reserved, quiet, tactless, dense, sharp, direct, frank, lazy, uninspired, defiant, stubborn, proud, cocky, adaptable, ironic, obsessed with self-autonomy or independence, gets annoyed by condescension, daydreamer, logical, morbid humor, weird, serious, paradoxical.

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