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Aaaaaah. I'm done, done, done.


At long last. *sighs*

All assignments is finished, except for one last presentation that will be sometime next week -- which I honestly couldn't care for anymore, if I should say anything.

Especially when my finals is the week after next.

Last few days, weeks, even, were a killer. Mom says I looked like a panda once or twice. Lol? Lack of sleep does that. I have been sleeping for...eh, probably three-four hours or so the past few days. And I just want to hibernate all weekend now.


As a side note, I officially turned 18 on April 10. That's (nearly) the legal age. ;) Can you tell what I'm thinking now? What I plan to do? :D And my classmates are nagging me to go to a bar with them. Not that I can't drink, no, I just don't fancy alcohol that much...

Anyway, about the 1sentence challenge table thingy, that is really just the post before this, I nailed down a few themes. Not much, but it's a start, especially considering that I'm booked by various things, such as assignments.

Comments is appreciated? I'm rather new to this style of writing, cause it's not something I have attempted before.

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Fandom: Mai Hime
Pairing: Fujino Shizuru and Kuga Natsuki
Theme set: Alpha

Oh, and...before I forget, beware the angst galore. And the slightly mature hints. You were warned. )


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