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Here we go again..

Ignis Fatuus, part II, up.
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Here goes nothing...

Ignis Fatuus, part I, up.
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Ignis Fatuus, prologue.

New fic, yes? *grins*

...Sort of. Was throwing ideas at ikka sometime ago, and after that, the gears in my brain started moving. Couldn't stop myself from writing this. Chances are this fic may be abandoned...or maybe not.

May be beta-ed later. Or not. I don't know. >.>

Abuse my beta any further and I think she might just go on a strike..

Edit: Also, merry christmas, people.


1. alternative name: Aki.
2. formerly known as Eagle8819.

loner, amateur writer, reading, anime, manga, solitude, bad speaker, confident, sarcastic, arrogant, cold, perceptive, reserved, quiet, tactless, dense, sharp, direct, frank, lazy, uninspired, defiant, stubborn, proud, cocky, adaptable, ironic, obsessed with self-autonomy or independence, gets annoyed by condescension, daydreamer, logical, morbid humor, weird, serious, paradoxical.

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