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You have received a private message:

Dear Eagle8819

I really enjoy your articles, so I would like to share with others.
Would you mind I translate your article, "The Blue Sky," to Chinese?
If so, I will post on an internet board where are full of Nanoha
relative articles.
Thank you for your compositions.






Well, I'm...surprised.


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The recent postings here, all the way to the subsequent next few pages, amused me a great deal.

In between huge ego boosters and just plain bewilderment, I found this whole situation rather funny. First was the fanart from mercurianangel, now this little chain reaction of posting little one shots depicting something similar.

And it's rather amusing, for various reasons.

Who would have thought a spur-of-the-moment fiction could have had such an impact?

It's certainly been a while since I felt this amused.

Yes, indeed. It's definitely been a while.

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New MGLN one-shot, inspired by episode 25 of StrikerS. Nanoha centric. (unbeta-ed as of yet)

Edit: In case anyone feels particularly happy and do not want to get sad, don't read it now. I'm not responsible if you want to kill me for dampening your moods. XD;

The Blue Sky.

Accompanying song: Loreena McKennitt, "Skellig" : 5.58mb : SS or RapidShare.

Edit again: [spam][livejournal.com profile] mercurianangel did a fanart of this fiction. Come see. See see. XDDD [/spam]


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