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Vivid, chapter 3.

I'm amused. And I'm actually looking forward to see more. That style reminds me of taekwondo, too.

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A MGLN doujin, with an ending that made me want to laugh.

Edit: Also, a Naruto fic recommendation, because it's the first cross-modern AU fic that impressed me. Halcyon Days.

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Paper Thin.

Link says all..

And certain comments and conversations will be ignored.

That's all I have to say. 8D

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About Nanoha Force Chapter 00.

A gunblade? FF8? Lol?

What's that Year 78 Marriage Incident thing?

Hayate's looking...cool. Reminds me of the Betrayers doujin.

I'm surprised to see Vivio taking the normal girl route. But...then again, not unexpected, I guess.

And is that Erio in page 69? I don't think so, but the similarity is there.

Overall reaction: Skeptical.

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MGLN fandom, you rock.

You really, really do.

Of all the things I had to come across when I finally decided to take a look at the fandom..

It's not like I'm against other pairings or gen fictions. I'm really, really not. In fact, I would have encouraged them, provided that characterizations are at least readable. But...that doesn't seem to be the case, does it?

GG, MGLN fandom. GG.

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Diana is an impatient girl.



The Little Things, now posted. Happy early birthday, birthday girl.


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