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It's been a while since I looked at the Naruto fandom, and it's an even longer time since the last time I felt the need to advertise a fiction from the junk-infested fandom.

This takes the cake though, if only because it's been a long time since I read something that aligns with my view of Team 7...and that it does deserve quite a few more praises than just a meager two. And, hey, I like NS.

Bringing Back Sasuke.

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A MGLN doujin, with an ending that made me want to laugh.

Edit: Also, a Naruto fic recommendation, because it's the first cross-modern AU fic that impressed me. Halcyon Days.

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Now, I know Halloween just went past not long ago but...if you've read/watched Naruto up to somewhere in the second arc where Sasuke formed his little team, here's an interesting fic. It will be especially interesting if you love to see Sasuke twitch. In a non-ooc manner.

The Witching Hour.

Juugo is fast becoming a favourite despite the fact I haven't read some of the latest Naruto chapters. *cackles* You will know why once you've read it. XD

And thanks to this, I've lost all mood to study for my little paper which is in a little over 9 hours. Which is bad. Really bad. But, well.


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