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I've tried the Utawarerumono game.

And the verdict:

Anime > Game.

The game didn't really make sense of some points, and did not explain what the anime had explained well enough. The timeline is vague and somewhat hard to read at best. There were a couple of repeating scenes. The romance was...actually, what romance? Overall, it felt pretty flat to me, as Hakuoro seems to be randomly hooking up girls aside from maybe Karura. I'm willing to count Eruruu in, but only marginally. And knocking up Yuzuha was possibly the worst plotline ever. That's not even counting certain...scenes. I have nothing against words. Words are...innocent by themselves. But there are certain words that should not be used in certain scenes, because they make my eyebrow twitch and make me fastforward the scene.

It didn't really feel like a game either. Just like a story with some clicks that directs you to here and there. At least with Type-Moon games there are chances of game over in choices, but here, nada. No matter what you click, the game progresses. Only difference is that you may get some extra nice tidbit scenes not seen in anime. Sure, there are some battles to go to -- but they are ridiculously easy to beat and henceforth do not count as gameplay in my view. >_>

Also, I think I like the art style of anime better than the game.

In other words, the game is...mediocre, at best. I was going to say bad, but I'm willing to relent a little due to the fact I may be biased towards the anime.

End of verdict.


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