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Resplendence of Ebony
The sequel to White Devil and Ode to Darkness, is now completed.

Start of Project: September 07, 2007
Completion of Project: August 20, 2008
First Posted: September 26, 2007
Finale Released: September 07, 2008

Total Word Count: 23, 109 (excluding A/N; 100 pages in Word)

Chapter and Song index:
Part I : Nephilim - Yasunori Mitsuda, Xenosaga OST.
Part II : Wasureranai - Onegai Twins, Image Soundtrack: Soleil.
Part III : None. Possible one, Nephilim.
Part IV : Whispers in the Dark - Skillet, Comatose.
Part V : Never Meant to Belong - Shiro Sagisu, Bleach OST 1.
Part VI : Shionari - Orito Shinji, Clannad Game OST.
Part VII : Kimi Ga Tame - Suara, Utawarerumono. (Alternate link)

And...here. This is a glimpse of how many times I edited this fic, which includes the beta-ing process.

End notes:
Most of what I've to say is already said in the final chapter of RoE itself but...well. If you haven't read the finale and you're still here, I'm going to direct you there now. So, go. :P

And if there are any broken links, drop a comment and I will fix it.

- Aki.

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Today, I present to you two fic updates. Much thanks to Rae for finishing all the backlogs of beta-ing. :P

Expiation: Part I.
Accompanying song: Narcissu OST - Rather than a life for finalty.

Resplendence of Ebony: Part VI.
Accompanying song: Clannad Game, OST - Shionari.

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Resplendence of Ebony, Part V.

Accompanying song: Shiro Sagisu, Bleach OST 1 - "Never Meant to Belong" : 4.97mb :SS or RapidShare

Several notes that most of you will probably want to know (or don't want to) at the end of the chapter.

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I blame boredom. Though you'll probably thank it. I cannot be left bored or I'm bound to reveal all my fics, dammit. D:

Resplendence of Ebony, Part IV. (currently unbeta-ed)

Accompanying song: Skillet, Comatose - "Whispers in the Dark" : 3.05mb :SS or RapidShare

And, er...don't put the volume too high if you hear the song. Don't say I didn't tell you.

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Fic update.

Resplendence of Ebony, part III.

Accompanying song...well, I suppose you could say it's a repeated song.

Xenosaga I OST - "Nephilim" : 2.71mb : RapidShare
(SS link to come later, if there are actually any requests for it. I imagine most of you who keep track on the songs I use probably already have it.)

On news of other fic progresses:
Resplendence of Ebony - Epilogue is stuck. Laziness and lack of inspiration/reviews.

Impasse - Chapter 2 non-existent.

Untitled favor one-shot for [livejournal.com profile] mercurianangel - Complete. I've no idea what title to give this one. *twitches* Maybe one of you will oblige me and give me some suggestions. In anycase, sent to beta.

Stigma - Mirror version, Nanoha's POV. Thank [livejournal.com profile] guubear for making me curious. Currently at ~75~90%. Also currently stuck. I'm still not sure if it works, too, so I may end up not posting this at all.

Broken Glass...or maybe, L'esprit d'Escalier - Some of you may find the second title interesting in its meaning...but, well. By the time I'm done revamping chapter one and two, I will probably decide on one of them. Progress on this fic will likely resume sometime in December.

Hrm. I think that's about it.

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Resplondence of Ebony, Part 2. Please note that rating has been pulled up to M for a certain scene.

Accompanying song: Onegai Twins, Image Soundtrack; Soleil - "Wasureranai" : 4.99mb :SS or RapidShare

...On other news, I probably should try working on that certain favor fic which someone pranked pulled on me. It's already completed, actually...except I skipped on a certain bit of scene that some of you may find particularly interesting. And...I can't say I know how long more it would take for me to actually finish that...part.

*grimaces* Bah. It's your call, Ms. someone. I can try, but I'm not going to say how long it would take me to finish it. >_>

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...Guess I'm updating earlier than expected. Though I did entertain the idea of posting it before it undergoes beta-ing process rather recently, I am hesitant. It will probably be a long while more before it happens, though, and...the final blow that made me post this is a certain someone's birthday that I forgot, so this MGLN fiction is dedicated to her.

Resplendence of Ebony, part 1.

And the accompanying song: Xenosaga I OST - "Nephilim" : 2.71mb : SS or RapidShare

Edit: I just watched StrikerS episode 24.

People are going to hate me for saying this, but I'm afraid I'm somewhat disappointed with this episode. Riot Zamber was cool. Really good. I totally loved it. Especially the part when it was used as a baseball bat. But the sonic form, on the other hand...I'm sorry to say I think Fate looked like an overgrown kid in it. -_-

And the pacing of the whole episode felt so forced and flat.



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