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Stigma, Nanoha: Part II, posted. Song here, or here.

Expiation part II, posted.

I am officially entering a hiatus.

Please read end notes of Stigma for an announcement.

And no, please don't ask why because I won't answer it.

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Yeah, I caved in. This is for you, [livejournal.com profile] guubear.

Stigma: Nanoha Part I.

And now, as far as FFnet is concerned...copy paste from ffnet bio:

02/04/2008 - Announcement from the author:
Some of you already know this, but some of you probably don't. Someone had a bright idea to strip all the hyphens from fictions, which made a lot of fics a jumble of words. This includes mine. I am not impressed, nor am I amused. In fact, I'm feeling more and more encouraged to delete all my fictions from this site and leave this place.

Oh, wait, almost forgot. Apostrophes from some rather old fictions seems to have gone missing too. Nice, yes?

You have my apologies if you find it incredibly difficult to read the fics right now, but currently, I do not have the time nor patience to deal with tweaking random things in the fics. So far, I have only gotten around to fixing TBS and Stigma - and that is only because I am experimenting with new wrappers and scene breakers. I absolutely refuse to use that godforsaken ugly black line.

I'm going to say that my reasons to stop writing was - and still is - an entirely different issue...and that I am still thinking about it. However, I will still be looking for a second home to put the fics, and suggestions are welcome. If there are no other sites, fics will probably end up in my LJ. In other words, the next time my formatting gets screwed up, that's it. No more. Game over.

= = =

Well, that's that.

We will see how it goes. >_>

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Another new one-shot! I'm on a writing spree. XDD


Accompanying song: Peer Raben, "Dark Chariot" : SS or RapidShare.


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