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To those who replied to me on the post before this, personally or otherwise, don't worry - I took no offense even if I didn't respond. Just wasn't sure how to respond, so, eh. *shrug*

I just came here to advertise. If you played Xenosaga, that is.

Made a little random fic.

Insanity ensues. Even if you have never played Xenosaga before, I think this might make you crack for a bit. :P


1. alternative name: Aki.
2. formerly known as Eagle8819.

loner, amateur writer, reading, anime, manga, solitude, bad speaker, confident, sarcastic, arrogant, cold, perceptive, reserved, quiet, tactless, dense, sharp, direct, frank, lazy, uninspired, defiant, stubborn, proud, cocky, adaptable, ironic, obsessed with self-autonomy or independence, gets annoyed by condescension, daydreamer, logical, morbid humor, weird, serious, paradoxical.

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